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The 3DLean collaboration tool is designed to increase your productivity and
capture knowledge from everyone at your facility, no matter their role.

Your Facility Is Only As
Optimized As Your Team

To optimize your facility, you need to make sure your team works together as seamlessly as possible. That means keeping track of all the knowledge generated in meetings, flagging issues as soon as they arise, and making sure everyone stays on the same page.

Your Facility Is Only As Optimized As Your Team

Optimize Teamwork
with 3DLean

3DLean is a collaboration tool designed to capture all the knowledge and insights your team generates. With a phone or a tablet, team members can create notes, record meetings, capture issues on the floor, and push messages out to the team.

3DLean Features

Increse Productivity


Automate tasks and processes to free up employees to focus on more strategic and productive work.

Improve Processes


Increased collaboration and communication makes it easier to detect problems sooner, allowing you to make corrections proactively instead of reactively.

Capture Knowledge


Empower your entire team to participate and gather knowledge from everyone else.

Foster Innovation


Accelerate innovation through access to new technologies and ideas that can help you generate new products and services.