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Optimize Your Factory with
Digital Manufacturing Solutions

MetalQuest Solutions provides cutting-edge digital manufacturing solutions and leverages
years of manufacturing experience to create a customized factory optimization service.

License Dassault Systèmes’
Factory Optimization Software To…

License Dassault Systèmes’ Factory Optimization Software To

Moving Equipment Without the
Right Planning Lowers Your Output

To stay competitive, you need to use simulation software to make your optimization process as efficient as possible. Without the ability to virtually validate changes, you’ll lose time with unnecessary shut downs, and you’ll lose money to contractors and rigging companies that move big machinery into suboptimal plant layouts.

MetalQuest Solutions:
Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Our manufacturing team unites unrivaled expertise in Dassault Systèmes’ advanced simulation software and inside knowledge of manufacturing to deliver an unrivaled optimization experience. We customize our service to help you get the most out of your facility while minimizing disruption to your operations.

MetalQuest Solutions: Digital Manufacturing Solutions
A Smarter Approach to Optimization

A Smarter Approach
to Optimization

We’ll work hand in hand with you to create the customized and collaborative optimization process that works for you.

Our main goal is to help you remove the inefficiency from your operations to maximize throughput. To succeed, we’ll work with you to identify and implement digital manufacturing solutions that empower you to make more informed decisions about your operations.
That’s because we know optimization isn’t about making a single big change to your operations—optimization is a day in and day out approach to smart manufacturing.


Whether you want to license Dassault Systèmes’ software or you want us to take a hands-on approach to your project, the discovery process will guide you through the optimization journey that’s right for you.

Your stakeholders discuss your processes and pain points with MetalQuest Solutions’ manufacturing consulting team.
Service Customization
Get the combination of tools and training that matches your goals and circumstances.
Licensing and
Integrate your existing files and data into the tools you deploy.
Process Optimization
Utilize simulation software to optimize your processes and achieve your strategic initiatives.
Collaboration & Support
Leverage MetalQuest Solutions’ decades of manufacturing and automation experience to develop new strategies and ensure continuous improvement to your manufacturing processes.
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Solution Overview

Whether you’re looking to design a robot cell, introduce a new machine, or rearrange your entire facility, these digital manufacturing solutions can help you with every step of the process.

3D lean

3D Lean

A collaboration tool that links your team's day-to-day knowledge and conversations to your engineering and manufacturing data.

Plant Layout

Plant Layout

Create a digital twin of your facility that you can use to simulate and evaluate solutions.

Factory Flow

Factory Flow

Simulate the material flow of your facility at a high level to identify inefficiencies and opportunities.

Robot Programmer

Robot Programmer

Design robot cells, define device kinematics, and create robot programs offline in a realistic CAD environment.

NC Floor Shop Programmer

NC Floor Shop Programmer

A CAM solution that leverages your native CAD data to virtually develop and validate your machine programs.



A cloud-connected CAD tool that combines all the functionalities of desktop SOLIDWORKS with the convenience of cloud storage and built-in data management.